[Mplayer-users] [mplayer PATCH] CDROM documentation and minor fixes

Nick Kurshev nickols_k at mail.ru
Sat Apr 21 15:05:09 CEST 2001


On Fri, 20 Apr 2001 15:55:23 +0200, Gabucino wrote:

>It's the Question that drives us, Nick Kurshev :
>> In previous message you wrote: This is a 8x ATAPI
>> I'm not sure, but 8x imho not able to change speed (at least I don't met such hardwares). If your CDROM 
>> descreases speed when disk is badly readable then yes, otherwise - I don't know.
>> Unfortunately I don't have setcd programs but may be it uses some other ways to change speed
>> of your CDROM than Linux driver?
>I _can_ set speed, no matter what you say :) Even in vindoze (with an Asus
>cd-speed setting prg, not with 4 example drivespeed 2000, so it may use a
>different method). BTW the drive is not asus, it's philips. But we're going
Sorry! But if after executing echo current_speed:4>/proc/ide/hdX/settings
corresponded string is changed and you can see value 4 in this string therefore
driver perform an operation, if not - therefore it's bug and string with "currend_speed"
sould not be present in this file. If really speed is not changed then you should send
a bugreport to Linux developers;) The file /proc/ide/hdX/settings contains min and max
values for each operation and your value should be between min and max values.
Anyway it's right way too. And it works on my CDROM and it should work on any CDROM
which has speed >24x. (IMHO only since 24x CDROMs are able to change speed
dynamically - on the fly).

Best regards! Nick

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