[Mplayer-users] Re: Probable race condition issues preclude Mplayer from working on 1Ghz Tbird Athlon (others?)

Dylan Griffiths Dylan_G at bigfoot.com
Thu Apr 19 06:55:04 CEST 2001

> Hmm. Sound card? Is it unchanged (both card and driver)?
> Does it work with -nosound ?

SBLive! X-Gamer 5.1.  The card and drivers are unchanged.  XMMS outputs
audio perfectly well.  -nosound does infact allow mplayer to output video. 
Without the sound, though, some of its effect is lost.

What do you suspect is the problem here?   The emu10k1 driver in 2.2.19? 
The audio output code in mplayer?

There shouldn't be any reason for the audio code in mplayer to break when
all I did was increase the base speed of the system.  Something in there is
timer dependant,  and it needs to be addressed.
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