[Mplayer-users] is -subfps really working?

Maximo Ramos maximo at violadores.org
Mon Apr 16 13:56:04 CEST 2001


I am playing with the -subfps but looks like it is not doing anything
at all ... I tried using the values: 10.00 15.00 20.00 25.00 and 30.00
and in each option the result is just the same.

The format of my subtitle is:

00:02:31,647 --> 00:02:33,046
l'm stuck.

00:02:41,607 --> 00:02:42,437
Get back!

00:03:26,647 --> 00:03:27,636
Mr. Tweedy!
(From ChickenRun)

Actually, the subtitle starts ok, but it is going faster than the
movie ... any thoughts on this? Does anyone have the ChickenRun
subtitle *not* from dvdsubtitles.com? :)

bye bye!

Maximo Ramos
>From The Land of The Morning Calm
"I am free of prejudices. I hate everyone equally."

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