[Mplayer-users] oh and btw..

Jens Hoffmann hoffmajs at gmx.de
Sun Apr 15 10:36:57 CEST 2001

i just found out that no change to aviheader is needed.
this small patch alone is sufficent for ASV2 to work fine:
in stheader.h:

 // win32 codec stuff:
  AVIStreamHeader video;
  BITMAPINFOHEADER bih;   // in format
+ char _space[20];        // !!! FIXME. give some space for extra large
  BITMAPINFOHEADER o_bih; // out format
  HIC hic;  // handle
} sh_video_t;

(well, its probably better to make sure _space gets initialized with

the codec was using the first 8 byte of o_bih as the end for the header
to decompress..


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