[Mplayer-users] more subtitles options

Maximo Ramos maximo at violadores.org
Sat Apr 14 14:09:39 CEST 2001

Hi guys!!!

The subtitles support is not documented as far as I know in
SOURCES/DOCS ... In the man page, the info is just not enough.

So, what are the options we have besides -sub? is that all at the
moment? :(

I am asking this because it would be great to have a -subdelay option,
so, mplayer should start reading from the subtitles after/before that
delay. Some sort of sinchronization.

I know there are plenty of utilities that deals with subtitles, but
none of them are for Linux, and that is all I have.

Thanks for such a great player, btw! :)

Maximo Ramos
>From The Land of The Morning Calm
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