[Mplayer-users] sound sync for mplayer

Valentine Kouznetsov vkuznet at fnal.gov
Wed Apr 11 18:26:25 CEST 2001

I was very impressed by your MPlayer. Many thanks for great
quality work. At least it works with all my movies (VCD,DVD,
mpeg, avi). But I have few questions and suggestion.

My system is running RedHat 6.2, glibc 2.1, kernel 2.4.3 &
2.2.18, CPU Celeron 400Mhz, video 3dfx Banshee 16Mb.

1) I have problem with my sound it is not synchronized with
video, just delayed and/or shaked. The only output I can use on
my system are x11, sdl. Gl,Xv do not work but should (at least
I have my xvinfo 
X-Video Extension version 2.2
screen #0
  Adaptor #0: "3dfx Accelerated Video Engine"
    number of ports: 1
    port base: 46
    operations supported: PutImage
    supported visuals:
      depth 24, visualID 0x23
      depth 24, visualID 0x24
    no port attributes defined
    maximum XvImage size: 1024 x 0
    Number of image formats: 2
      id: 0x32315659 (YV12)
        guid: 59563132-0000-0010-8000-00aa00389b71
        bits per pixel: 12
        number of planes: 3
        type: YUV (planar)
      id: 0x30323449 (I420)
        guid: 49343230-0000-0010-8000-00aa00389b71
        bits per pixel: 12
        number of planes: 3
        type: YUV (planar)
). But as I got from your README 3dfx is not tested and may be
I need a new driver. I'm not complaint about this. It seems to
me that my system is too weak that cannot afford to play video
and audio smoothly. Your opinion?

2) Do you have any plans to include QuickTime AVI support?

3) I also have creative DXR2 mpeg card. Do you have any plans
to include it support for video playback. At least I can
use creative opensourse player for my DVD which already
has this functionality. You can find it under:

It is just another possibility to speed up video playback.

4) I have a possibility to grab my video from digital video
camcoder using two solution: a) broadcast from
http://heroines.sourceforge.net/ and b) dvgrab from
Using broadcast I can produce either MPEG1 or MPEG2 streams,
but still have problem with video & audio sync.
You can download excellent sample from their site:
which is not sync on my system and test on your systems.

Also there is another solution (dvgrab) which directly provide
AVI RIFF-little endian files, but mplayer cannot play them.
I've the following error:
Reading codec config file: /home/larissa/.mplayer/codecs.conf
Detected AVI file format!
stream_seek: WARNING! Can't seek to 0x2839200 !
stream_seek: WARNING! Can't seek to 0x316BDB0E !
demux: file doesn't contain the selected audio or video stream
AVI: missing video stream!? contact the author, it may be a bug :( 

and put this file on your ftp site (it is still uploading when
I'm write this Email):

I'll be glad to know what is the problem with them and if there is
a chance to play them.

Again many thanks for excellent work.

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