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Wed Apr 11 09:40:55 CEST 2001

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I'll make some changes relate dto vidmode changes.
The 'fullscreen' flag of the libvo->init() currently flags
only the fullscreen.

I'll chavge it, so:
  bit 0 (0x01) means fullscreen (-fs)
  bit 1 (0x02) means mode switching (-vm)
  bit 2 (0x04) enables software scaling (-zoom)

So codes like this will be removed from mplayer.c:

#ifdef HAVE_XF86VM
if (!video_driver)
else if (strcmp(video_driver,"x11"))

#ifdef HAVE_XF86VM
  if (vidmode) {
        if ( screen_size_x == SCREEN_SIZE_X ) screen_size_x = 0;
        if ( screen_size_y == SCREEN_SIZE_Y ) screen_size_y = 0;
  } else

Please update your drivers!
- do not change video mode if no -vm
- do not use software scaling if no -zoom
- do not change to fullscreen if no -fs (does not apply for dga,svga,fb)

About d_width, d_height:
They will keep the wanted window size (usually == source size),
except for -vm, then they will be zero except if the user uses -x or -y
Is this OK for you?

Any ideas about how to pass bpp value? (-bpp option)
Currently used only for DGA 2.0, and maybe fb and svga.
My idea: just answer "yes" to query_format() calls of supported
bpp values. If no -bpp option used, the biggest common (supported
by libvo driver and codec) will be used. Otherwise the user-specified.

Any questions? Suggestions?

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

mailto:arpi at thot.banki.hu

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