[Mplayer-users] advice on dvd rip

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Wed Apr 11 05:14:39 CEST 2001


> It's the Question that drives us, Stefan Recksiegel :
> > I found that quite slow, mpeg2divx (freshmeat.net) is _much_
> > nicer, just one command line:
> And did you compare it to ones made with VirtualDub or any other?
> I used it for months: its quality is _shit_ .

Which mpeg decoder library it is based on?

libmpeg3? -> shit quality
smpeg? -> mpeg1 only, and slow
libmpeg2? -> unstable, but fast and high q
dvdview? -> high quality, but slow, and C++
mtvp sdk? -> nonfree, mpeg1

A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

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