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Hillebrand, Martin Martin.Hillebrand at TechniDATA.DE
Mon Apr 9 16:30:38 CEST 2001


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> > [Remote Control for mplayer]
>Start mplayer with popen() from your application, so you can send key
>codes to it. I've not tried, but it must work...

Thanks. I'll try that.

> > And another thing: Is it possible to tell the mplayer to jump to a
> > position in a playing movie by seconds? At the moment i just can find an
> > option for a byte value (-sb), which actually doesn't make much sense to
> > ;o)
> -ss (skip seconds) is your option, but it works only for mpeg files.

Huh? I got mplayer 0.11pre-cvs, but it doesn't tell me about this option.
I tried with an MPEG2 File and it didn't work.
I'll grab a newer version.

> A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

Tnx Martin

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