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Mon Apr 9 08:29:33 CEST 2001

On Mon, 9 Apr 2001, Stefan Recksiegel wrote:

> sorry, I should have added this:
> The current Savage4 driver produces an output on the TV port
> only for the 640x480 resolution, I cannot use lower resolutions, I
> have tried that already. What bothers me most is that dga somehow
> seems to work, but the TV output chip just loses the sync, so I
> cannot use dga. I should probably carry a monitor home to check
> whether it really is the TV out chip. For everything else I use
> my notebook, but it would really be nice to use the server to
> watch movies ...

The DGA mode selection is probably picking a mode with a refresh rate
that confuses your chip (too high?). 

Try recompiling mplayer. Configure it with ./configure --disable-dga2

This will disable the new DGA 2.0 mode selection code, and it will
force the use of XF86VidMode and DGA 1.0 code.

[ Note to developers: Maybe we ought to allow this selection to be
done at run-time instead of compile-time? It would require yet another
large hack to vo_dga.c ]

You can then use:

mplayer -vo dga -x 640 -y 480 foo.mpg

This will force the XF86VidMode code to select 640x480 .. so if this mode
works with TV out in your ordinary configuration, it should work when 
selected this way. If you're running w/o a monitor, you probably use 
640x480 by default so you won't need to force it. 

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