[Mplayer-users] turning off directshow?

Arpi arpi at thot.banki.hu
Thu Apr 5 18:42:06 CEST 2001


> is there some compile or runtime option in MPlayer to turn off
> DirectShow support for Divx movies, and revert back to using the old
make distclean
make -f Makefile.No-DS

> .dll file?  Ever since MPlayer has started using the divx_c32.ax file, I
> have found that divx movies have played much, much slower on my machine.
hmm. the dshow is a bit faster for us!
maybe you are using postprocessing? try with -pp 0

> Could this be a problem with my machine/software?  or does the newer
> codec just require a more powerful machine to run correctly?  I remember
> having this same problem with with the avifile player when they made the
yes, but it was a bug in the avifile.

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