[Mplayer-users] turning off directshow?

David Fenstermacher dfenster at umr.edu
Thu Apr 5 04:33:34 CEST 2001

is there some compile or runtime option in MPlayer to turn off
DirectShow support for Divx movies, and revert back to using the old
.dll file?  Ever since MPlayer has started using the divx_c32.ax file, I
have found that divx movies have played much, much slower on my machine.
Could this be a problem with my machine/software?  or does the newer
codec just require a more powerful machine to run correctly?  I remember
having this same problem with with the avifile player when they made the
switch, but that could be corrected by simply removing divx_c32.ax from
the codecs directory.  That didn't work with MPlayer.  Any ideas?
Thanks in advance for your help...


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