[Mplayer-users] osd (how to switch off?)

Bartosz Bobrek b.bobrek at zodiac.mimuw.edu.pl
Wed Apr 4 18:05:45 CEST 2001

Arpi wrote:

> No. It's not possible to disable OSD yet... and there are thousands of
> missing things related to osd & sub. As I said before, it is not finished,
> and it is not working yet. Do not use yet, except if you want to test it.
> It is just test code (yes, I know that Gabucino announced it on the
> homepage, but it is not finished yet!!!), we are still working on it.


i'm almost completely greenhorn, but i wan't to read POLISH fonts in Mplayer.
is it hard to make polish font set?? could some one point me in right
direction, and maybe i could work on it??


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