[Mplayer-users] cutting half of the video

Felix Bünemann Felix.Buenemann at gmx.de
Mon Apr 2 08:35:49 CEST 2001

Hello Arpi,

Monday, April 02, 2001, 7:00:33 AM, you wrote:

A> Hi,

>> A> The only exception is SDL, it's disabled because there was too many
>> A> problems with it, and it was previously unsupported. We should detect
>> A> somehow SDL's version, and enable only if >=1.1.7
>> Configure already detects SDL-version so that should be too hard to
>> implement, but someone else should do that, I have no clue from
>> configure stuff :(
A> Do you mean autoconf, doesn't?
A> Our ./configure script is "hand-made", not generated using the
A> autoconf program.
I mean the configure already detects the SDL-version installed.

>> But I only mentioned that the video cut half way through could be caused
>> by the video driver, so he should test another one and see if it
>> works, because I had the same probelm once with dga output I think.
A> Yes. Someone should fix it. I've never heard about this problem before.
See next mail.

>> Btw2. most vidout drivers don't cope correctly with keystroke
A> I think it's already solved, it was problem when we used 3 processes,
A> and libvo ran in different process than mplayer. Now it must be ok,
A> if the event handler of the vo driver is implemented in check_events().
A> Maybe you should fix/change this in the SDL driver.
SDL output handles all the keystrokes it only has a bug that after the
first keypress you might have to press a key twice to work, I haven't
tracked that down, because in that case the keypress is not captured
by the check_events() function, so I have to find out where the
problem is.

>> handlings as described in mplayer README, in most cases ESC kills the
>> programm instead of changing from fullscreen/windowed, I think I'll
>> try fixing that if I get some time. (I'm testing with dga, fsdga, x11,
>> xv and sdl output).
A> ESC is normally has the QUIT function, the only exception is the SDL driver,
A> where it is the switch key between window/fullscreen.
    <-  or  ->      seek backward/forward 10 seconds
    up or down      seek backward/forward 1 minute
    p or SPACE      pause movie (press any key to continue)
    q  or  ^C       stop playing and quit program

so q or Ctrl+C should be quit, thought the esc option for
fullscreen changing was documented there too (DOCS/README), anyway
it should be unified between outputdrivers.

A> A'rpi / Astral & ESP-team

Best regards,
 Felix                            mailto:Felix.Buenemann at gmx.de

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