[MPlayer-translations] help/help_mp-it.h vs. UTF-8

Paul TT mplayer at paultt.org
Fri Jul 18 12:06:40 CEST 2008

On Fri, 18 Jul 2008 10:27:48 +0200
Paul TT <mplayer at paultt.org> wrote:


> I had it_IT.UTF-8 at euro for everything but not LANG, which was
> it_IT at euro.
> the problem i think was vim misrecognized the file as not utf8: as
> soon i saved it with fileencoding=utf-8, it began to work as
> expected; i changed anyway LANG to match the other environment vars
> i'm now committing the changes to help_mp-it.h, see pls if now it's ok

i did the commit, and the file now seems to be again jammed, wtf.....?
after the svn it changed size and encoding it seems, and
'file' doesn't recognize it as utf8 as before.............
is it possible? is it my fault in some way?

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