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Mon Dec 10 15:02:41 CET 2007

Hi Diego.

On Mon, Dec 10, 2007 at 12:05:54PM +0100, diego wrote:
> -	<a href="#skins">skin</a> si quieres utilizar la interfáz gráfica de
> +	<a href="#skins">skin</a> si quieres utilizar la interfaz gráfica de

I don't remember if we ever agreed on this but the thing is spanish has
2 common use addressing schemes, there is a formal one in which one
grants the reader/addressed a more respectful treatment (like the
outdated thou(?) in english) this is the kind of addressing any employee
would use with you in a bar, in a pub, in a store, in the supermarket,
etc an there is the other addressing mostly used among friends, knowns
, relatives and in general between members of the same group when there
is no meaningful hierarchy in place, for instance, if youre an employee
and have a coworker who is your friend but is also your boss you would
address him using the most formal 'usted' in front of the rest of the staff
even tho in private you address him using the most informal scheme 'tu'. 
The direction doesn't really matter, your boss would address his employees
using the formal scheme to, it would even be considered rude for him not to
do so unless there is some agreement in place.

I try to use the formal addressing scheme when translating and you use the
informal one. I don't really mind using one or the other as long as there
is an agreement. I just want to know if we discussed this in the past
and I just forgot or this has come unnoticed. if asked, I'd recommend
to address the reader using the formal addressing scheme.

Best regards

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