[MPlayer-translations] Re: Re: MPlayer-translations zh_CN cd-dvd.xml (mail at kraymer.de)

Kun Niu haoniukun at gmail.com
Wed Dec 27 13:42:30 CET 2006

 Would you please try this one?
And look forward to your reply.


> New Release.:)
> Hello Kun,
> first: thanks for the update!
> second: I cannot compile the file, I'm getting:
> $ make html-single-zh_CN
> mkdir -p ../HTML-single
> (mkdir -p ../HTML-single/zh_CN)
> make HTMLFILE=../../HTML-single/zh_CN/MPlayer.html -C zh_CN html-single
> make[1]: Entering directory
> `/usr/local/src/mplayer-svn/trunk/DOCS/xml/zh_CN'
> rm -f ../../HTML-single/zh_CN/MPlayer.html
> ../xmllint.sh main.xml
> cd-dvd.xml:7: parser error : Input is not proper UTF-8, indicate encoding
> !
> Bytes: 0xC7 0xFD 0xB6 0xAF
> <title>CD/DVD&#65533;&#65533;&#65533;&#65533;&#65533;&#65533;</title>
>             ^
> Also, my email client doesn't display the rest of the attachment with
> Chinese characters (which it usually does). Maybe your email client
> changed the encoding when it attached the file to your mail? Please check
> the encoding with your editor; if the file *is* in utf-8, it may help to
> (g)zip it for attaching it to your emails. Even better of course is if you
> tried to build the documentation yourself, given you have the docbook
> environment on your system.
> Sebastian
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