[MPlayer-translations] Re: MPlayer-translations Digest, Vol 25, Issue 24

Kun Niu haoniukun at gmail.com
Sun Dec 17 15:21:09 CET 2006

Dear Torinthiel,

Thank you for reminding me.
I'll keep your words in mind.
Please tell me directly if I need improvement.
And I hope that I can help to make mplayer more useful. :)


> On Sun, Dec 17, 2006 at 03:39:49PM +0800, Kun Niu wrote:
> > I'm glad to submit the first work result.
> Congratulations, keep up the good work.
> > Please remind me if I've missed something.
> > The rest parts will be submitted as soon as they are finished.
> > Check them and please give me more advice.
> Looks Chinese to me, that's all I can say about translation.
> As for files, they look OK, so nothing to add now.
> > One more thing, I read the DOCS\xml\README.maintainers.
> > On line 73, it mentions that there's a file called "ru/html-common.xsl",
> but
> > I can't find it anywhere from the svn tree.
> > Is it a bug? Please check that.
> It's a leftover, from when not everything was UTF-8 encoded. I'll try to
> fix that soon (or anyone beat me?)
> One more thing, you don't need to respond separately to all e-mails,
> if you're going to say same thing in both places. We all read all
> e-mails (or at least try to;), and it's enough to write once that you're
> going to send files later. Less work for you ;)
> Torinthiel
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