[MPlayer-translations] CVS: main/DOCS/man/de mplayer.1,1.84,1.85

Sebastian Krämer mplayer at skraemer.de
Wed Jan 5 00:44:03 CET 2005

On Tuesday 04 January 2005 23:28, Diego Biurrun wrote:
> Sebastian Krämer writes:
> > I made the "\ " signs to get a correct intendation for the different
> > numbers. Still I have the feeling it might break some tools that parse
> > the manpage file.
> > The manpage looks correct here using man. If noone onjects I'll do the
> > same change to the english manpage.
> I've done something similar above by adding spaces and surrounding the
> "expression" in quotes, e.g. " 1".  I suggest you do it the same way
> for consistency unless you find a reason why "\ " should be preferred.

I tried that first but the "-character was displayed as well so I changed it 
to "\ ". I guess, special formatting tags supressed that but I didn't look 
into en/mplayer.1 to verify.. 
I think it just looks better this way (also for consistency) but I don't mind 
to change it back either.

> BTW, it's "man page", not "manpage", from "manual page".

It's noted but I thought this abbreviation had become an own word itself.


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