[MPlayer-translations] First Patch

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Tue Jan 4 01:53:18 CET 2005

julian at proteger.org.ar writes:
> <p>&gt; Julián Nuñez writes: <br />&gt;&gt; Hi, this is my first
> tranlation, it updates dload.src.es to be in sync <br />&gt;&gt; with
> 1.135. <br />&gt;&gt; I'm sending this here because I don't have CVS
> access, please apply. <br />&gt; <br />&gt; Thanks, applied. <br />&gt;
> <br />&gt;&gt; I've trasnlated the skin descriptions, imho they should be
> in spanish. <br />&gt; <br />&gt; Agreed. <br />&gt; <br />&gt;&gt; Please
> don't be too harsh... <br />&gt; <br />&gt; The patch is good. Just please
> don't add trailing whitespace next <br />&gt; time around. I fixed it
> before committing. </p><p>Ok, I agree. BTW what is trailing whitespace?<br
> />&gt; <br />&gt; Diego <br />&gt; <br />&gt;

What kind of HTML horror is this?  Please teach your mailer to send
only plaintext.

Trailing whitespace is whitespace (tabs, spaces) at the end of a line,
thus only wasting space.


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