[MPlayer-G2-dev] the awakening, license changes and so on...

Nico Sabbi nsabbi at tiscali.it
Mon Jul 26 08:35:24 CEST 2004

Il sab, 2004-07-24 alle 15:41, Arpi ha scritto:
> Hi,

this is great news!

> Some of you already know from irc, i'm planning to continue work
> ok mplayer g2 core from september. I left g2 because of the license
> conflict: i don't like gpl, especially for the g2 core, and no, i
> did not change my option, but the license :)
> So i plan to change g2 core license to lgpl.
> So no dual licensing, no commercial licensing and such mess.
> LGPL should be better for a (set of) library(es) anyway, and
> it let commercial users to link it with their optionally
> closedsource UIs, drivers etc.
> We won't get money directly (opposed to original dual licensing plan),
> but as iive said, nobody wants money, so it should not be problem. :)
> Although it can be expected that some commercial users (think of
> settopbox, divx player etc makers) will sponsor some of you to do
> custom development for them. I'm personally not interested much in
> these, but i was asked by several companies in the past year
> (including some quite big ones), so i know there is such interest.
> the first goal is to stabilize/finalize all core APIs. most of them
> are OK already, maybe needs some fixes or reviews, and documentation.
> in details:
> VO: the x11_helper stuff needs to be designed better, Beastd and Faust3
>     promised some help me, and Koth too in the past.
>     the driver api (buffer allocation, display etc) stuff is ok imho.
>     also we should check how to handle "coupled drivers", like
>     x11+vidix, x11+mga, fbdev+tdfx, vesa+vidix etc.
>     either the parent driver can handle it, or the vf_vo wrapper can.
>     both has advs and disadvs.
> AO: the g1's libao2 should be ok, with changes to use module_t and
>     do not use globals.
> AF: it is not done yet at all, i have some plans but need time to
>     implement. anyway AF layer can wait, it is not so important.
> VF: i plan to use my code from pre47, and don't wait for Rich's
>     vaporware. and as Rich will probably refuse LGPL anyway,
>     it should not be a problem :)
> OSD: i've made some drafts and code, have to check it again.
> DEMUX: should be ok, except that i want to implement framer API,
>      to handle raw formats like mp3 or mpeg-ps.
> VD: should be ok, except the changes required for framer api
> AD: depends on AF
> CONFIG: layers 0,1 are (almost) ready, layer 2 should be implemented

as far as I'm concerned you can include without problems all the code in
demux_ts that is not in g2's demux_mpeg: table parsing, program
association, support for fancy ac3, mpeg4 and next stuff (I haven't
committed some code I have here at home to handle h264 and televideo

You didn't mention the stream layer; 
currently the dvb code is mostly my stuff, but dvb_tune.c was taken from
dvbstream (released as gpl by Dave Chapman) so if Dave doesn't agree to
permit me to change the license I will rewrite it from scratch as lgpl.

> The goal for g2 is still the same: make it usable as soon as possible.
> In short: no new from-scratch overcomplicated apis, and try to keep
> some backward compatibility with g1, so plugins can be ported easily.
> Think g2 is a cleaned up, extended g1, and not a new player/editor with
> ultimate features.
> i expect big flames about this, but please keep it short :)
> A'rpi / MPlayer, Astral & ESP-team
> --
> MPlayer's new image: happiness & peace & cosmetics & vmiklos


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