[MPlayer-G2-dev] the awakening, license changes and so on...

Alexander Strasser eclipse7 at gmx.net
Sun Jul 25 17:52:19 CEST 2004

Hi Joey,
On Sat, Jul 24, 2004 at 01:43:17PM -0500, Joey Parrish wrote:
> > VO: the x11_helper stuff needs to be designed better, Beastd and Faust3
> >     promised some help me, and Koth too in the past.
> >     the driver api (buffer allocation, display etc) stuff is ok imho.
> >     also we should check how to handle "coupled drivers", like
> >     x11+vidix, x11+mga, fbdev+tdfx, vesa+vidix etc.
> >     either the parent driver can handle it, or the vf_vo wrapper can.
> >     both has advs and disadvs.
> So, should I wait a bit before I start hacking vo drivers?
I would say better wait a little. Faust3 and me are reconsidering the
vo design ( for vos with window handling ) ATM. We will post something
about it to this list next time. But porting vos not connected to
window handling stuff should be no problem though.

  Alex (beastd)

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