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Fabian Franz FabianFranz at gmx.de
Mon Aug 18 01:27:19 CEST 2003

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Am Montag, 18. August 2003 00:35 schrieb Fabian Franz:

Updated version attached. Design still sucks, but fs is now always nice to use 
... :)

It seems that the Fullscreen window mustn't be visible, before its configured 



> Hi,
> attached the new fs patch, especially for Gabucino to test it ...
> There are some issues:
> - First: Design, this patch simply sucks. Its just a test suite for added
> x11_fs.c and for two window-system. So no resize, etc. ...
> This file is for guis and every code, that wants to use fullscreen (if with
> two windows or XReparentWindow). As it would be really bloat if each gui
> implemented this file itself ...
> I plan to make more functions static, all variables are already static and
> a header-file is missing, yet.
> This patch is NOT for inclusion.
> Its just for testers and people, who want to have fullscreen with g2 ;)
> - Second issue is, that its all about timing, if you press 'f' at the right
> time, you get a good fullscreen-window else its not on top or not even
> there, just vanished ... Thats strange behaviour, but I guess there is
> somewhere a 10l I missed, yet ;)
> After you pressed f at leat 3 times it then does work:
> So the following should bring you always to good fullscreen-mode ;) :
> echo fff | ./test-play <filename>
> cu
> Fabian
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