[MPlayer-G2-dev] [PATCH] Fullscreen issues - g2 is great :-)

Fabian Franz FabianFranz at gmx.de
Sun Aug 17 14:27:04 CEST 2003

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I wanted to gain some experience in the field of fullscreen :-). (And g1 was 
sooooooooo slow in compiling that it was a pain to develop in it :)) )

So I started with g2 and it was astounishingly easy ... :)

I create a second window on the fly if fullscreen, which I hacked in as I 
couldn't find the function, where events are parsed, is selected ...

This window still needs to be removed of any decorations and so on, but one 
can guess what it will look like ...

For that I had to "port" the aspect-code (copy & paste, and comment something 
out) ...

That however gives some questions:

- - Are two static variables that are global ok for the fullscreen and 
backup-window ? (only x11_helper.c affected)
- - How can vo_xv, vo_x11 give the aspect code the correct screensize 
(vo_screenwidth, vo_screenheight) if it does not know about it ... 
  -> The same goes for centering the picture (btw. I think this should go to 
aspect.c as it always the same and aspect.c renamed to helper or tools or 
similar ...)
  Of course, x11_helper.c could include aspect.h and set the aspect, when it 
knows about  screenwidth, screenheight, but this gives the problems that 
gui-programmers NEED to do the same ... Which is bad, as they could get 
undesired behaviour and for fullscreen and don't know why ...

Also for fullscreen I'm not satisfied with this code in x11_helper.c, as 
perhaps it would be nice to have this functions available for gui, but I 
dunno ... Should guis also use the helper-code ?

I added screenwidth,height as global (I know its ugly) variables for now ...

- - vo_x11 is always fullscreened to the widht, height, the window had ...
  Why is the RESIZE_CODE uncommented, it would be easier if it was handled 
that way ... In fullscreen resize-commands are ignored ... :)
 Btw. thanks for adding fullscreen flag to vo_instance_s :)).
- - zoom parameter not yet accepted by vo_x11 (as there is no wide-used config 
layer yet )

So, I really like the new clean design ...

Its really nice, with alle the events and callbacks handled nice and allowing 
finally to communicate with vo->layer :).


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