[MPlayer-G2-dev] mencoder-g2 ?

Bobby Bingham bingham.21 at osu.edu
Thu Aug 7 18:56:49 CEST 2003

On Thu, Aug 07, 2003 at 10:00:21AM +0200, Arpi wrote:
> Hi,
> > parameters like "-ovc lavc:codec=mpeg4:hq:pass=1", i just need to use a
> > CONF_TYPE_STRING, find the right module_info_t, and send it, along with
> > the rest of the string to mpconfig_parse_subconfig().
> no
> you shuould use MODULE_LIST (limited to 1 module), so the parser will do all
> teh job automagically.
> you could do with STRING and directly calling mpconfig_parse_subconfig, but
> in that case Guis and extended UIs won't know teh syntax of that parameter.

is there a way to limit MODULE_LIST to only 1 module?  AFAICS there
isn't.  or do you mean to just ignore all but the first module returned?

Bobby Bingham

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