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Fri Feb 26 15:53:00 EET 2021

Author: ib
Date: Fri Feb 26 15:53:00 2021
New Revision: 38261

Update documentation.

Add the other methods to choose a skin.


Changes in other areas also in this revision:

Modified: trunk/DOCS/xml/en/install.xml
--- trunk/DOCS/xml/en/install.xml	Fri Feb 26 15:40:10 2021	(r38260)
+++ trunk/DOCS/xml/en/install.xml	Fri Feb 26 15:53:00 2021	(r38261)
@@ -205,7 +205,8 @@ directory, then the system-wide director
 <filename class="directory">default</filename> (which
 simply can be a link to your favourite skin) to load the skin, but
 you can use the <option>-skin <replaceable>myskin</replaceable></option>
-option, or the <literal>skin=myskin</literal> config file directive to use
+option, or the <literal>skin=myskin</literal> or <literal>gui_skin=myskin
+</literal> config file directives, or the skin browser to use
 a different skin from the <filename class="directory">skins</filename>

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