[MPlayer-DOCS] my fulll guide compilation on windows

Karol Pietruszewski jeruka9 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 1 17:50:52 EET 2018

1.install TDM GCC-64 x86 webdl build on C disk
2.install msys when will be asking press y point to C:/TDM-GCC-64
3.install msys DTK 1.0 in C:/msys/1.0
4.install msys CORE 1.0 untar it in C:/msys/1.0
5. copy to bin folder from archives in folder bin :glib2.2.8-1,gettext-

runtime_0.18.1.1-2,pkg-config_0.26-1,yasm-1.3.0 and rename to

6.copy dx7headers to include folder
7.copy unpacked zlib folder to C:/msys/1.0/home/v (or other username if you

have other than v)
8. type in console 'ls'
9.write in console cd  zlib or zlib-1.2.11 after typing  write in console
make -f

win32/Makefile.gcc BINARY_PATH=/bin INCLUDE_PATH=/usr/local/include

LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib install
10. instal cmake on C
11.write in ffmpeg folder file called CMakeLists.txt
12.in cmake lists.txt write : Cmake_minumim_required(VERSION 3.10.1)
add_executables(myproject ffmpeg.c)
install (TARGETS myproject DESTINATION bin)
13.run cmake gui browse source code on C, browse build to C:/CMAKE/bin
press configure choose default native gcc compiler makefiles generate few

lines should be white
14.type cd c:/ffmpeg-3.3.5  after that write make
15.exit msys
16. run msys again type cd c:/Mplayer-1.3.0
after that write make
17.happy compiling

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