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Sun Dec 22 12:57:14 CET 2013

Author: al
Date: Sun Dec 22 12:57:12 2013
New Revision: 3642

news: Status update for the bug tracker move

Also explain that resetting the password might be necessary.


Modified: trunk/src/news.en
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+++ trunk/src/news.en	Sun Dec 22 12:57:12 2013	(r3642)
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 <div class="newsentry">
+	<a name="bugzilla2trac">2013-12-22, Sunday :: Bug Tracker moved</a>
+	<br><span class="poster">posted by <a href="mailto:webmaster at mplayerhq.hu">beastd</a></span>
+The MPlayer bug tracker was moved to the project server. The tracker software was migrated from
+BugZilla to Trac. Big thanks to Moritz Bunkus for running the tracker for nearly a decade!
+User accounts were preserved <b>but</b> you may need to
+<a href="https://trac.mplayerhq.hu/reset_password">reset your password</a>
+if you cannot log in anymore.
+If you still encounter any problems please send an email to webmaster at mplayerhq.hu .
+<div class="newsentry">
 	<a name="twosubtitles">2013-10-15, Tuesday :: Playing Two Subtitles at Once!</a>
 	<br><span class="poster">posted by <a href="mailto:projects at mplayerhq.hu">Compn</a></span>

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