[MPlayer-DOCS] r35369 - in trunk: DOCS/man/en/mplayer.1 cfg-common.h sub/sub.c

reimar subversion at mplayerhq.hu
Thu Nov 8 19:26:14 CET 2012

Author: reimar
Date: Thu Nov  8 19:26:13 2012
New Revision: 35369

Support subpos values > 100 that allow the subtitles
to be clipped a bit.


Changes in other areas also in this revision:

Modified: trunk/DOCS/man/en/mplayer.1
--- trunk/DOCS/man/en/mplayer.1	Wed Nov  7 00:09:28 2012	(r35368)
+++ trunk/DOCS/man/en/mplayer.1	Thu Nov  8 19:26:13 2012	(r35369)
@@ -2884,9 +2884,10 @@ Specify the framerate of the subtitle fi
 slows them down for time-based ones.
-.B \-subpos <0\-100> (useful with \-vf expand)
+.B \-subpos <0\-150> (useful with \-vf expand)
 Specify the position of subtitles on the screen.
 The value is the vertical position of the subtitle in % of the screen height.
+Values larger than 100 allow part of the subtitle to be cut off.
 .B \-subwidth <10\-100>

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