[MPlayer-DOCS] Man page info on "-loop 0" flag for streaming

Brett brett.mahar at gmx.com
Mon May 14 07:47:49 CEST 2012

Hi mplayer people,

I have found that when streaming radio stations with mplayer, they are a lot more likely to recover from lost streams or changes to the next song/program if the "-loop 0" option is supplied. Unfortunately this is not explained in the man page (I only found out from looking at a lot of obscure internet sites). 

Currently the man page says:

-loop <number>
              Loops movie playback <number> times.  0 means forever.

Could it be changed to something like:

-loop <number>
              Loops movie playback <number> times.  0 means forever, and should be used to keep (for example) streaming radio connected.

I don't have a git repository of mplayer, otherwise I would send a diff.


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