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Author: corey
Date: Wed Mar 21 06:22:45 2012
New Revision: 34821

Document recent-ish x264 changes.


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+++ trunk/DOCS/man/en/mplayer.1	Wed Mar 21 06:22:45 2012	(r34821)
@@ -10639,6 +10639,10 @@ different QP based on the frame's comple
 This option should generally be used instead of qp.
+.B crf_max=<float>
+With CRF and VBV, limit RF to this value (may cause VBV underflows!).
 .B pass=<1\-3>
 Enable 2 or 3-pass mode.
 It is recommended to always encode in 2 or 3-pass mode as it leads to a
@@ -10774,7 +10778,7 @@ values of keyint.
 .B keyint_min=<1\-keyint/2>
-Sets minimum interval between IDR-frames (default: 25).
+Sets minimum interval between IDR-frames (default: auto).
 If scenecuts appear within this interval, they are still encoded as
 I-frames, but do not start a new GOP.
 In H.264, I-frames do not necessarily bound a closed GOP because it is
@@ -10856,6 +10860,39 @@ Disable using B-frames as references.
 .PD 1
+.B (no)open_gop
+Use recovery points to close GOPs; only available with bframes.
+.B (no)bluray_compat
+Enable compatibility hacks for Blu-Ray support.
+.B (no)fake_interlaced
+Flag stream as interlaced but encode progressive. Makes it posssible to
+encode 25p and 30p Blu-Ray streams. Ignored in interlaced mode.
+.B frame_packing=<0-5>
+Define frame arrangement for stereoscopic videos.
+.PD 0
+.IPs 0
+Checkerboard - pixels are alternately from L and R.
+.IPs 1
+Column alternation - L and R are interlaced by column.
+.IPs 2
+Row alternation - L and R are interlaced by row.
+.IPs 3
+Side by side - L is on the left, R is on the right.
+.IPs 4
+Top-bottom - L is on top, R is on the bottom.
+.IPs 5
+Frame alternation - one view per frame.
+.PD 1
 .B (no)deblock
 Use deblocking filter (default: on).
 As it takes very little time compared to its quality gain, it is not
@@ -11014,9 +11051,9 @@ Weighted P-frame prediction mode (defaul
 .IPs 0
 disabled (fastest)
 .IPs 1
-blind mode (slightly better quality)
+weighted refs (better quality)
 .IPs 2
-smart mode (best)
+weighted refs + duplicates (best)
 .PD 1
@@ -11090,7 +11127,7 @@ exhaustive search (very slow, and no bet
 radius of exhaustive or multi-hexagon motion search (default: 16)
-.B subq=<0\-9>
+.B subq=<0\-11>
 Adjust subpel refinement quality.
 This parameter controls quality versus speed tradeoffs involved in the motion
 estimation decision process.
@@ -11130,7 +11167,11 @@ Enables rate-distortion optimization of 
 .IPs 8
 Enables rate-distortion optimization of motion vectors and intra prediction modes in I- and P-frames.
 .IPs 9
-Enables rate-distortion optimization of motion vectors and intra prediction modes in all frames (best).
+Enables rate-distortion optimization of motion vectors and intra prediction modes in all frames.
+.IPs 10
+QP-RD; requires trellis=2 and aq_mode=1 or higher (best).
+.IPs 11
+Full RD; disable all early terminations.
 .PD 1
@@ -11313,6 +11354,11 @@ Use this parameter only if you know what
 and you have a need to set it.
+.B (no)cpu_independent
+Ensure exact reproducibility across different CPUs instead of chosing
+different algorithms when available/better (default:enabled).
 .B threads=<0\-16>
 Spawn threads to encode in parallel on multiple CPUs (default: 0).
 This has a slight penalty to compression quality.
@@ -11358,8 +11404,20 @@ Some players, such as the Sony PSP, requ
 The default behavior causes SPS and PPS to repeat prior to each IDR frame.
-.B (no)interlaced
-Treat the video content as interlaced.
+.B (no)tff
+Enable interlaced mode, top field first (default: disabled)
+.B (no)bff
+Enable interlaced mode, bottom field first (default: disabled)
+.B nal_hrd=<none|vbr|cbr>
+Signal HRD information (requires vbv_bufsize) (default: none).
+.B (no)pic_struct
+Force pic_struct in Picture Timing SEI (default: disabled).
 .B (no)constrained_intra
@@ -11368,6 +11426,10 @@ This significantly reduces compression, 
 SVC encodes.
+.B output_csp=<i420|i422|i444|rgb>
+Specify output colorspace (default: i420).
 .B (no)aud
 Write access unit delimeters to the stream (default: disabled).
 Enable this only if your target container format requires access unit

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