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doc: Remove outdated FAQ entry about Mac OS X 10.3.


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@@ -152,53 +152,6 @@ It's called <filename>XFree86-devel*</fi
 <filename class="directory">/usr/include/X11</filename> symlinks exist.
-Building on Mac OS 10.3 leads to several link errors.
-The link error you're experiencing most likely looks like this:
-ld: Undefined symbols:
-_LLCStyleInfoCheckForOpenTypeTables referenced from QuartzCore expected to be defined in ApplicationServices
-_LLCStyleInfoGetUserRunFeatures referenced from QuartzCore expected to be defined in ApplicationServices
-This problem is the result of Apple developers using 10.4 to compile
-their software and distributing the binaries to 10.3 users via
-Software Update.
-The undefined symbols are present in Mac OS 10.4,
-but not 10.3.
-One solution can be to downgrade to QuickTime 7.0.1.
-Here is a better solution.
-Get an
-<ulink url="http://rapidshare.de/files/20281171/CompatFrameworks.tgz.html">older copy of the frameworks</ulink>.
-This will give you a compressed file that contains the QuickTime
-7.0.1 Framework and a 10.3.9 QuartzCore Framework.
-Uncompress the files somewhere that is not in your System folder.
-(i.e. do not install these frameworks into your
-<filename class="directory">/System/Library/Frameworks</filename>!
-Using this older copy is only meant to get around link errors!)
-<screen>gunzip < CompatFrameworks.tgz | tar xvf -</screen>
-In config.mak, you should append
-to the <systemitem>OPTFLAGS</systemitem> variable.
-If you use <application>X-Code</application>, you can just select these
-frameworks instead of the system ones.
-The resulting <application>MPlayer</application> binary will actually
-use the framework that is installed on your system via dynamic links that
-are resolved at run-time.
-(You can verify this using <systemitem>otool -l</systemitem>).
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