[MPlayer-DOCS] r33639 - in trunk: gui/mplayer/widgets.c help/help_mp-de.h help/help_mp-en.h

ib subversion at mplayerhq.hu
Fri Jun 17 20:59:03 CEST 2011

Author: ib
Date: Fri Jun 17 20:59:03 2011
New Revision: 33639

Add a warning message for unavailable or unusable icons.

This is a preparation for differently sized icons to come.


Changes in other areas also in this revision:

Modified: trunk/help/help_mp-en.h
--- trunk/help/help_mp-en.h	Fri Jun 17 20:31:35 2011	(r33638)
+++ trunk/help/help_mp-en.h	Fri Jun 17 20:59:03 2011	(r33639)
@@ -574,6 +574,7 @@ static const char help_text[]=
 #define MSGTR_NEMFMR "Sorry, not enough memory for menu rendering."
 #define MSGTR_IDFGCVD "Sorry, no GUI-compatible video output driver found.\n"
 #define MSGTR_NEEDLAVC "Sorry, you cannot play non-MPEG files with your DXR3/H+ device without reencoding.\nPlease enable lavc in the DXR3/H+ configuration box."
+#define MSGTR_ICONERROR "Icon '%s' not found or unsupported format.\n"
 // --- skin loader error messages
 #define MSGTR_SKIN_ERRORMESSAGE "Error in skin config file on line %d: %s"

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