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Date: Sun Jan 30 20:48:50 2011
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MPlayer 1.0rc4 release notes


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 <div class="newsentry">
-	<a name="mplayer10rc4">2010-08-10, Monday :: MPlayer 1.0rc4 released</a>
+	<a name="mplayer10rc4">2011-01-30, Sunday :: MPlayer 1.0rc4 released</a>
 	<br><span class="poster">posted by the release team</span>
-rc4 has arrived.
+Yes, we can!
+MPlayer 1.0rc4 continues the tradition of long overdue, but better late
+than never releases. It has been tested thoroughly to work with the FFmpeg
+0.6 branch. It will be useful to distros and other users relying on FFmpeg
+0.6. To get the latest and greatest in features and bug fixes, Subversion
+HEAD should be a better fit.
+1.0rc4 once again adds a slew of new binary codecs and leverages all the
+stuff added to FFmpeg. Notable additions are VP8 decoding, H.264 bug fixes
+and speedups, unencrypted Blu-ray support. Network streams can now be played
+through FFmpeg, there has been quite a bit of subtitle work and Ogg and
+Matroska demuxer defaults were switched to libavformat. The window position
+is now decided by the window manager.
+Our constant efforts to clean up the codebase continue as usual. A ton
+of compiler warnings disappeared and there have been refactorings all
+around. External library copies have been synchronized with upstream.
+The internal liba52 copy is gone and it is now possible to build against
+external libmpeg2 and libmpg123.
@@ -24,8 +48,8 @@
-MD5SUM: <b></b><br>
-SHA1SUM: <b></b>
+MD5SUM: <b>f3abf9b59d0ac4fb2b63bc6bc33b8d02</b><br>
+SHA1SUM: <b>9f904ac332c93dadb061fe183c975b6518fbbc88</b>
 <h3>MPlayer 1.0rc4: <i>"Yes we can"</i></h3>
@@ -139,7 +163,6 @@

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