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Author: diego
Date: Mon Mar  8 20:33:41 2010
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We have some sort of DVD menu support nowadays.


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@@ -793,14 +793,8 @@ while seeking through RealMedia streams?
 What about DVD navigation/menus?
-<application>MPlayer</application> does not support DVD menus due to serious
-architectural limitations that prevent proper handling of still images and
-interactive content. If you want to have fancy menus, you will have to use
-another player like <application>xine</application>,
-<application>VLC</application> or <application>Ogle</application>.
-If you want to see DVD navigation in <application>MPlayer</application> you
-will have to implement it yourself, but be aware that it is a major
+<application>MPlayer</application> should support DVD menus nowadays.
+Your mileage may vary.

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