[MPlayer-DOCS] teletext keys

Diego Biurrun diego at biurrun.de
Sun Jul 25 14:52:38 CEST 2010

We have the following section in the XML docs:

6.2.3. Teletext hot keys

Key		Description
X		Switch teletext display on/off
C		Cycle through teletext rendering modes (opaque, transparent, inverted opaque, inverted transparent
Left/Right	Go to previous/next teletext page
PageUp/PageDown	Go to next/previous teletext subpage
digits		Enter teletext page number to jump to

However, in input/input.c I only see

  { { 'X', 0 }, "step_property teletext_mode 1" },
  { { 'W', 0 }, "step_property teletext_page 1" },
  { { 'Q', 0 }, "step_property teletext_page -1" },

so it seems that the XML docs are bogus.

But I have never used teletext support nor do I understand the TV or
teletext code.  So I have this nagging feeling that I am missing
something obvious.

Is this the case or are the XML docs simply bogus?


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