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Author: diego
Date: Sun Aug  8 01:17:58 2010
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Add commented-out news entry skeleton for the 1.0rc4 release.


Modified: trunk/src/news.en
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+<div class="newsentry">
+	<a name="mplayer10rc4">2010-08-10, Monday :: MPlayer 1.0rc4 released</a>
+	<br><span class="poster">posted by the release team</span>
+rc4 has arrived.
+MPlayer 1.0rc4 can be downloaded by
+<a href="http://www.mplayerhq.hu/MPlayer/releases/MPlayer-1.0rc4.tar.bz2">HTTP</a> or
+<a href="ftp://ftp.mplayerhq.hu/MPlayer/releases/MPlayer-1.0rc4.tar.bz2">FTP</a></li>.
+MD5SUM: <b></b><br>
+SHA1SUM: <b></b>
+<h3>MPlayer 1.0rc4: <i>"Yes we can"</i></h3>
+<h4>GUI: Changes towards removing the GUI</h4>
+  <li>The GUI will no longer display any error or warning messages.</li>
+  <li>Special GUI slave commands (gui_*) were removed, along with
+      the related key bindings.</li>
+  <li>YUY2 Lossless Codec (YLC0) via binary DLL</li>
+  <li>Truemotion RT codec (TR20) via binary DLL</li>
+  <li>Nogantech Codec (NTN1 and NTN2) via binary DLL</li>
+  <li>add new FourCCs (m1v1, yuvs, VYUY, Y42B, V422, YUNV, UYNV, UYNY, uyv1,
+      2Vu1, P422, HDYC, IJLV, MVJP)
+      TwoCCs (0xA106, 0x6c75, 0xAAC0, 0x55005354)
+      to existing decoders</li>
+  <li>AMR now handled via OpenCORE decoder</li>
+  <li>updated Windows Media Screen Codec (MSS1, MSS2) via binary DLL</li>
+  <li>CoreAVC H.264 decoder via binary DLL (Windows only)</li>
+  <li>Kega Game video codec (KGV1) via binary DLL</li>
+  <li>SoftLab-NSK Forward MPEG-2 I-frames (SLIF) via binary DLL</li>
+  <li>JPEG 2000 support via OpenJPEG</li>
+  <li>internal liba52 copy removed</li>
+  <li>CineForm HD (CFHD) via binary DLL</li>
+  <li>VP8 en-/decoding through libvpx wrapper and native decoder in FFmpeg</li>
+  <li>support for external libmpeg2 added</li>
+  <li>hardware MPEG decoder priority lowered</li>
+  <li>external libmpg123 support</li>
+  <li>Mostly fixed timing issues with some H.264 (PAFF) samples</li>
+  <li>Matroska and Ogg demuxers switched to use libavformat by default.
+      Report issues and use -demuxer ogg and -demuxer mkv to work around them.</li>
+  <li>support for TrueHD in Blu-ray streams in libmpdemux</li>
+  <li>more Blu-ray codec support with lavf</li>
+  <li>fix length in ASF/WMV files</li>
+  <li>support ISDB-Tb DVB streams</li>
+  <li>remove vf_yuy2, functionality is replaced by -vf format=yuv2</li>
+  <li>remove vf_rgb2bgr, functionality is replaced by sws and vf_format</li>
+  <li>Support for unencrypted Blu-ray playback through libbluray.
+      Use it through: mplayer br:////path/to/disc</li>
+  <li>-vo yuv4mpeg:interlaced no longer does its own interlaced RGB->YUV
+      conversion. Use -vf scale=::1 to keep the same behavior and report
+      if there are any issues with that.</li>
+  <li>X11: Window manager chooses Window position by default.
+      Add geometry=50%:50% to your configuration to get the old behavior.</li>
+  <li>-vo md5sum md5 calculation changed so output matches FFmpeg's -f framemd5</li>
+  <li>Support for more formats in OpenGL video output drivers (different YUV
+      subsampling, 16 bit per component)</li>
+  <li>Selectable YUV to RGB conversion standard for -vo gl
+      (-vo gl:colorspace=...:levelconv=...)</li>
+  <li>-vo gl now tries to use yuv=2 by default if possible</li>
+  <li>-vo gl:stereo=... for experimental stereo (3D) support</li>
+  <li>-vo matrixview finally added</li>
+  <li>add OS/2 KAI audio driver (-ao kai)</li>
+  <li>-nosub option for disabling auto-selected subtitles</li>
+  <li>support for displaying subs in the terminal (FIXME)</li>
+  <li>support for subtitles with audio-only files</li>
+  <li>support for right-to-left languages with embedded subtitles</li>
+  <li>support for UTF-16 encoded external subtitles</li>
+  <li>support for 8 channel audio</li>
+  <li>sync dvd:// and dvdnav:// features</li>
+  <li>support for MPEG-4 ASP in VDPAU video output (non-B-frame only)</li>
+  <li>support for live and non-live DVB teletext with demuxer lavf</li>
+  <li>-name, -title and -use-filename-title options for MPlayer</li>
+  <li>support for stream handling via FFmpeg, in particular RTMP and RTSP
+      (use e.g. ffmpeg://http://example.com/test)</li>
+  <li>experimental support for external libass, configure with
+      --disable-ass-internal</li>
+  <li>better support for 16-bit-per-component formats and formats
+      with alpha channel</li>
+  <li>better out-of-the-box support for compiling for ARM, IA64,
+      MinGW32 and MinGW-w64, MinGW has ASLR enabled with recent
+      enough binutils</li>
+  <li>libdvdcss synced with upstream Subversion snapshot</li>
+  <li>add -tsprog for demuxer lavf</li>
 <div class="newsentry">

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