[MPlayer-DOCS] r30022 - trunk/DOCS/xml/README.maintainers

diego subversion at mplayerhq.hu
Mon Dec 14 03:34:41 CET 2009

Author: diego
Date: Mon Dec 14 03:34:41 2009
New Revision: 30022

Remove outdated comment about build system behavior.


Modified: trunk/DOCS/xml/README.maintainers
--- trunk/DOCS/xml/README.maintainers	Mon Dec 14 03:25:40 2009	(r30021)
+++ trunk/DOCS/xml/README.maintainers	Mon Dec 14 03:34:41 2009	(r30022)
@@ -8,8 +8,6 @@ IMPORTANT: Do NOT place sensitive files 
 	   It is for generated documentation only.
 	   The whole directory tree is wiped out by the Makefile
 	   when running 'make distclean' or 'make clean'.
-	   Also, subdirectories are wiped out one by one before
-	   creating the HTML files.
 Each subdirectory must have a Makefile.  Its purpose is to include
 the toplevel Makefile.inc file (with the rules to build the docs)

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