[MPlayer-DOCS] online doc (mplayer.html) not searcheable for commandline options with hyphens or minuses?

Soeren Bindinger SoerenBindinger at web.de
Fri Aug 14 19:57:55 CEST 2009

               Hi all, 
	this is my first mailing to any mailing list - so please pardon me
	should I transgress any conventions. 
	I'm slowly getting aquainted to various flavors of MPlayer 
	on Windows XP (german keyboard and codepage). 
	I do quite a bit of searching the online documentation (downloaded 
	single file mplayer.html). Now if I type -vf in my firefoxes find bar, I get 
	NO hit at all (zero). That goes for any search containing a hyphen or a 
	minus (-don't think these are different here). 
	Next I type vf  and get more hits than I can handle. 
	I searched the list for my issue, and found just one post: 
	Got even more confused - before that, I was shure to see dashes here, 
	whereas Daniels post suggests them to be hyphens. Maybe my
	English fools me here?  Btw, that post wasn't honored by ANY response.
	Googled for roff then, decided that I won't even try to find out if it would help 
	installing that on my machine. Decided to write this instead, 
	because I think this is an issue putting off quite a lot 
	of interested-but-not-very-geeky new MP users.
	4 ways I can imagine for mending this: 
	--1-->  User implemented: tell users near the top of the doc, that this issue 
				exists, and how they can cope with it [i.e. search using a 
				copy of the character ("cotc"), or do a find&replaceAll  
				(using cotc and minus) on their local copy. 
				Warn them this takes a while - more than 15000 instances, 
				if my memory serves me right. 
	--2-->  Authors implemented: if it can't be done in roff, each author does the  
				find&replace in another editor before uploading. 
	--3--> Server implemented: a script on the server does a f&r on every upload. 
	--4--> Editor implemented: everybody starts using an editor that can 
				easily produce really searchable text (...pleeez....don't hit me...)  
	If you managed reading up to this: Thank You!  
	Yours sincerely,

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