[MPlayer-DOCS] Improvement to README for 64 bit essentials

Wolfgang Knauf his-metality at freenet.de
Sun Oct 26 21:03:44 CET 2008

>> The 32 bit essentials package contains the full set of files (e.g. 
>> "drvc.so"), while the 64 bit contains only those libraries, which are 
>> compiled in 64 bit (again "drvc.so" and a few others). So, it seems that 
>> on a 64 bit machine, you have to first extract the 32 bit binaries, and 
>> replace SOME files with the 64 bit versions.
> No, we made those packages the way they are for a reason.  They contain
> all the necessary parts, nothing else needed.

That's strange: the 32 bit package contains 64 files (*.dll, *.ax, 
*.acm, ...), while the 64 bit package contains only 4 files (*.so). So, 
60 codec files are not necessary on 64 bit linux? At least, this should 
be mentioned in the readme to avoid confusion.

>> PS: Hope I did not top-post again (I just reply in Thunderbird)
> You failed.  Next time please read Google's first hit on the
> subject, then you don't have to make wrong assumptions.

That's no top post, I hope ;-)


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