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Date: Thu Oct 16 13:56:02 2008
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Fix a bunch more outdated documentation links.


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@@ -7874,8 +7874,7 @@
 		(RV20, RV30) and RealAudio (Cook, Sipro) is playable with
 		<b>MPlayer</b>! Credits go to <b>Florian Schneider</b>. I guess this
 		is the first time someone found out how to use RealPlayer's binary codec plugins.
-		<a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/video-formats.html#realmedia">See the
-		documentation for more information!</a>
+		See the documentation for more information!</a>
@@ -8301,10 +8300,8 @@
 		options written AFTER filenames override them. You can find an explanation
 		of this method in the
 		<a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/usage.html">documentation</a>.</li>
-	<li><b>New fileformats</b> - <b>MPlayer</b> now has demuxers for
-		<a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/video-formats.html#film">FILM</a> (used on
-		Sega Saturn CD games),
-		<a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/video-formats.html#roq">RoQ</a> (used in ID
+	<li><b>New fileformats</b> - <b>MPlayer</b> now has demuxers for FILM (used on
+		Sega Saturn CD games), RoQ (used in ID
 		Software games like Quake3 and Return to Castle Wolfenstein) file formats.
 		Work has begun on Playstation video files.</li>
 	<li><b>Enhanced software scaler</b> - software scaler is used in
@@ -8529,22 +8526,15 @@
 	<li>brand new kick-penguin-ass homepage design by chass (this is his opinion:)</li>
 	<li>new fileformats :
-		<b><a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/video-formats.html#mov">Quicktime MOV</a></b>,
-		<b><a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/video-formats.html#vivo">VIVO v1/v2</a></b>
-		<b><a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/video-formats.html#fli">Autodesk FLI/FLC</a></b>,
-		<b><a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/video-formats.html#realmedia">RealMedia</a></b>,
-		<b><a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/video-formats.html#nuppelvideo">NuppelVideo</a></b>
-		<b><a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/video-formats.html#yuv4mpeg">yuv4mpeg</a></b>,
-		<b><a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/video-formats.html#yuv4mpeg">yuv4mpeg2</a></b>.</li>
+		<b>Quicktime MOV</b>, <b>VIVO v1/v2</b>,
+		<b>Autodesk FLI/FLC</b>, <b>RealMedia</b>, <b>NuppelVideo</b>,
+		<b>yuv4mpeg</b>, <b>yuv4mpeg2</b>.</li>
 	<li>NEW native codecs :
-		<b><a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/video-codecs.html#avicodecs">CRAM (MS Video 1)</a></b>,
-		<b><a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/video-codecs.html#avicodecs">cvid (Cinepak)</a></b>,
-		<b><a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/video-formats.html#fli">FLI</a></b>,
-		<b>generic ADPCM (and IMA) decoder</b>,
-		<b>g723</b>,
-		<b><a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/video-codecs.html#xanim">XAnim codecs support</a></b>.</li>
+		<b>CRAM (MS Video 1)</b>, <b>cvid (Cinepak)</b>, <b>FLI</b>,
+		<b>generic ADPCM (and IMA) decoder</b>, <b>g723</b>,
+		<b>XAnim codecs support</b>.</li>
 	<li>build fixes</li>
-	<li><a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/dvd.html"><b>DVD</b> subtitles support</a></li>
+	<li><b>DVD</b> subtitles support</li>
 	<li>new DVD options for subtitle/audio language selection : -alang, -slang</li>
 	<li>playing in root window : -rootwin option</li>
 	<li>postprocessing options syntax changes : -pp -npp</li>
@@ -8552,7 +8542,7 @@
 	<li><a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/tv-input.html">grabbing from TV</a> through v4l</li>
 	<li><a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/mencoder.html">mencoder</a> - program for encoding video+audio (divx+mp3 and many others!)</li>
 	<li>new configure script - better autodetect, cleaner messages.</li>
-	<li>partial support for hardware MPEG decoders (<a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/mpeg-decoders.html#dxr3">DXR3</a> and Siemens <a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/mpeg-decoders.html#dvb">DVB</a>)</li>
+	<li>partial support for hardware MPEG decoders (DXR3 and Siemens DVB)</li>
 	<li>input cache - to make network/DVD playback smoother</li>
 	<li>software YV12 scaling, aspect ratio fixes</li>
 	<li><b>GUI</b> fixes (it's still experimental :) and <a href="dload.html">new skins</a></li>
@@ -8841,7 +8831,7 @@
 <b>MPlayer</b> now can use XAnim codecs (even <b>3ivx</b>!) for video decoding !
-The documentation is already updated, check the new <a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/video-codecs.html#xanim">XAnim codecs section</a> for
+The documentation is already updated, check the new XAnim codecs section for
 installation/usage instructions !

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