[MPlayer-DOCS] mencoder question

The Wanderer inverseparadox at comcast.net
Wed May 21 13:22:21 CEST 2008

B K wrote:

> I am a beginner who has a move file in ac3 audio format and mpeg2
> video format.  mplayer can play the video with no hassles.  Although
> Windows media player will not play the audio, which is why I would
> like to encode this file into a format that can be played anywhere no
> matter which codecs are present.
> I am assuming the file will be big as this will lose all forms of
> compression, but are there any other disadvantages?
> I am not familar wit encoder to even know where to start.
> I tried the following:
> C:\mplayer\1.0rc2>mencoder C:\goat.mpg -o goat.avi -of avi -ovc raw -oac copy
> The output was not what I expected.  The video would hardly move, and
> the sound was all distorted with plenty of jitter.
> Can anyone help me ?

This question has nothing to do with the process of writing and
improving the MPlayer/MEncoder documentation, so it does not belong on
this mailing list.

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