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Author: gpoirier
Date: Sun May 18 17:20:59 2008
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Document x264's AQ options


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@@ -10126,6 +10126,27 @@ Use a different quantizer for chroma as 
 Useful values are in the range <\-2\-2> (default: 0).
+.B aq_mode=<0\-2>
+Defines how adaptive quantization (AQ) distributes bits:
+.PD 0
+.IPs 0
+.IPs 1
+Avoid moving bits between frames.
+.IPs 2
+Move bits between frames (by default).
+.PD 1
+.B aq_strength=<positive float value>
+Controls how much adaptive quantization (AQ) reduces blocking and blurring
+in flat and textured areas (default: 1.0).
+A value of 0.5 will lead to weak AQ and less details, when a value of 1.5
+will lead to strong AQ and more details.
 .B cqm=<flat|jvt|<filename>>
 Either uses a predefined custom quantization matrix or loads a JM format
 matrix file.

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