[MPlayer-DOCS] [matrix-encoded audio]

Jesper Furu jesmalfur at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 01:47:28 CEST 2008


I'm working as a cinema projectionist and I know people who got
everything setup in the projection booth in order to record sound from
the analog optical soundtrack of a 35mm print. Would such an audio
sample do in order to test out the "matrix-encoded audio"
filter/feature of MPlayer? The audio sample would go trough the noise
reduction filter (Dolby A/Format 04) in the Dolby Cinema Processor
unit, but recorded before the channel separation filter. The recording
device is an old CD audio recorder unit and the result would be
similar to an ordinary audio CD. This would probably brake some
copyright laws, but I think I could get permission or find a way
around it.

I also know there exist some films shoot on video and mixed with
stereo surround sound (low budget/ local film makers). If you choose
to screen such a film from a computer instead of a video player this
matrix decoding feature of MPlayer could turn out to be useful. On the
other side, I'm not really sure there is a difference between the
stereo sound from a VHS/DVD or a 35mm print of the same title (at
least not all of them). It should be the same sound mixing, or why
shouldn't it be? With different sound mixing the Dolby ProLogic
technology wouldn't work. Or am I missing something?


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