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Moin people,

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> Straight from the LUG camp Felsberg by Jonas and Diego.

Index: mplayer.1
--- mplayer.1	(revision 10092)
+++ mplayer.1	(revision 10219)
-.IPs rectangle[=w:h:x:y]
-Draws a rectangle of the requested width and height at the specified
-coordinates over the image (useful for testing crop parameters).
-w,h: width and height (default: -1, maximum possible width where boundaries
-are still visible.
-x,y: top left corner position (default: -1, uppermost leftmost)
+.B rectangle[=w:h:x:y]
 The plugin responds to the input.conf directive 'change_rectangle'
 that takes two parameters.
-The first parameter can be 0 for w, 1 for h, 2 for x or 3 for y.
-The second parameter is the amount of pixels by which to change the
-designated rectangle boundary.

In this stone age change of mplayer.1 the description of
-vf rectangle got lost. I think this part should be (partially)

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