[MPlayer-DOCS] r25994 - in trunk: command.c gui/mplayer/widgets.c help/help_mp-en.h input/ar.c input/joystick.c libaf/af_lavcac3enc.c libao2/ao_mpegpes.c libmpcodecs/ad_ffmpeg.c libmpcodecs/ae_lavc.c libmpcodecs/dec_audio.c libmpcodecs/dec_video.c libmpcodecs/vd.c libmpcodecs/vd_ffmpeg.c libmpcodecs/vd_libmpeg2.c libmpcodecs/vd_qtvideo.c libmpcodecs/vd_realvid.c libmpcodecs/vd_zrmjpeg.c libmpcodecs/ve_lavc.c libmpcodecs/ve_qtvideo.c libmpcodecs/ve_xvid4.c libmpcodecs/vf_lavc.c libmpcodecs/vf_lavcdeint.c libmpcodecs/vf_zrmjpeg.c libmpdemux/demux_ogg.c libmpdemux/demux_ty_osd.c libmpdemux/muxer_mpeg.c libmpdemux/stheader.h libvo/jpeg_enc.c libvo/mga_common.c libvo/vo_directx.c libvo/vo_dxr2.c libvo/vo_vesa.c libvo/vo_x11.c libvo/vo_xmga.c libvo/vo_xv.c libvo/x11_common.c m_config.c mencoder.c mp_core.h mp_msg.c mplayer.c stream/stream_radio.c stream/tvi_v4l2.c sub_cc.c

The Wanderer inverseparadox at comcast.net
Fri Feb 15 01:54:10 CET 2008

diego wrote:

> Author: diego
> Date: Thu Feb 14 15:23:55 2008
> New Revision: 25994
> Log:
> typo fix: inited --> initialized

That's still an abbreviation, not a typo... albeit not necessarily an
appropriate one to have in actual output (as opposed to comments or
variable names), so this particular change may have been appropriate.

    The Wanderer

    My usual .sig is on vacation while I adjust to my new computer

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