[MPlayer-DOCS] r25984 - in trunk: DOCS/man/en/mplayer.1 libvo/vo_gl.c

reimar subversion at mplayerhq.hu
Mon Feb 11 20:01:35 CET 2008

Author: reimar
Date: Mon Feb 11 20:01:34 2008
New Revision: 25984

Slightly document alpha for OSD color


Changes in other areas also in this revision:

Modified: trunk/DOCS/man/en/mplayer.1
--- trunk/DOCS/man/en/mplayer.1	(original)
+++ trunk/DOCS/man/en/mplayer.1	Mon Feb 11 20:01:34 2008
@@ -3578,8 +3578,8 @@ Disabled looks much better with FreeType
 borders in fullscreen mode.
 Does not work correctly with ass subtitles (see \-ass), you can instead
 render them without OpenGL support via \-vf ass.
-.IPs osdcolor=<0xRRGGBB>
-Color for OSD (default: 0xffffff, corresponds to white).
+.IPs osdcolor=<0xAARRGGBB>
+Color for OSD (default: 0x00ffffff, corresponds to non-transparent white).
 .IPs rectangle=<0,1,2>
 Select usage of rectangular textures which saves video RAM, but often is
 slower (default: 0).

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