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 <div class="newsentry">
+        <a name="picsearch">2008-12-20, Saturday :: Picsearch samples list</a>
+        <br><span class="poster">posted by Compn</span>
+<blockquote style="border: 2px solid #666; padding: 10px; background-color: #ccc;">
+The FFmpeg project would like to recognize and thank the people at
+<a href="http://www.picsearch.com/">Picsearch</a> for their help improving
+FFmpeg recently. The Picsearch team makes extensive use of FFmpeg and
+provided feedback to FFmpeg in the form of thousands of files that
+either crash FFmpeg or use unsupported/unknown codecs. The FFmpeg
+development team is putting this information to work in order to improve
+FFmpeg for everyone.
+We know that there are other organizations using FFmpeg on a large scale
+to process diverse input types. The FFmpeg team invites those
+organizations to provide similar feedback about problems encountered in
+the wild.
+The MPlayer team is also working hard on this list, so far we have added
+support for 25 binary decoders and 23 fourccs to existing video codecs.
+Stay tuned as we continue testing files and adding support for more codecs.
+We also urge all websites that use MPlayer/FFmpeg to share the
+crashing/unplayable files with us. We
+<a href="http://wiki.multimedia.cx/index.php?title=YouTube">suspect</a>
+that <a href="http://www.youtube.com">Youtube</a> uses our software,
+and we would like everyone to benefit from their work.
+One of our goals is to be able to play every video file. If you have a file
+which does not play with MPlayer, please upload it so we can take a look.
+You can find instructions in the
+<a href="../DOCS/HTML/en/bugreports_what.html#bugreports_playback">Bugreports</a>
+section of the documentation. Or you can report non-working videos on our
+<a href="http://bugzilla.mplayerhq.hu/">Bugzilla</a> or on the
+<a href="https://lists.mplayerhq.hu/mailman/listinfo/mplayer-users">MPlayer-users</a>
+mailing list or just <a href="mailto:patriotact_at_gmail.com">send me</a>
+an email with the URL of the problem video.
+<div class="newsentry">
         <a name="dvdnav413">2008-09-09, Tuesday :: libdvdnav-4.1.3 and libdvdread-4.1.3 released</a>
         <br><span class="poster">posted by Dominik</span>

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