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Date: Fri Jun 29 16:00:47 2007
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revert r23538. my fault, didn't see there where 2 phrases, sorry...


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@@ -205,9 +205,9 @@ These formats were designed by Apple and
 They usually have a <filename>.QT</filename> or <filename>.MOV</filename>
 extension. Note that since the MPEG-4 group chose QuickTime as the recommended
 file format for MPEG-4, their MOV files come with a <filename>.MPG</filename> or
-<filename>.MP4</filename> extension (interestingly the video and audio
+<filename>.MP4</filename> extension (Interestingly the video and audio
 streams in these files are real MPG and AAC files. You can even extract them
-with the <option>-dumpvideo</option> and <option>-dumpaudio</option> options).
+with the <option>-dumpvideo</option> and <option>-dumpaudio</option> options.).

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