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Thu Jun 21 12:11:25 CEST 2007

Author: ptt
Date: Thu Jun 21 12:11:24 2007
New Revision: 23594

added some carriage returns and full stops, plus a missing 'option'


Modified: trunk/DOCS/xml/en/faq.xml
--- trunk/DOCS/xml/en/faq.xml	(original)
+++ trunk/DOCS/xml/en/faq.xml	Thu Jun 21 12:11:24 2007
@@ -81,7 +81,8 @@ with some cryptic message containing the
 <systemitem>internal compiler error</systemitem> or
 <systemitem>unable to find a register to spill</systemitem> or
 <systemitem>can't find a register in class `GENERAL_REGS'
-while reloading `asm'</systemitem>.</para></question>
+while reloading `asm'</systemitem>.
 You have stumbled over a bug in <application>gcc</application>. Please
 <ulink url="http://gcc.gnu.org/bugs.html">report it to the gcc team</ulink>
@@ -155,7 +156,8 @@ can be a problem on Mandrake systems).
-Building on Mac OS 10.3 leads to several link errors</para></question>
+Building on Mac OS 10.3 leads to several link errors.
 The link error you're experiencing most likely looks like this:
@@ -787,7 +789,7 @@ This can have multiple reasons.
   If it is an AVI, maybe it has bad interleaving, try the
-  <option>-ni</option> to work around this.
+  <option>-ni</option> option to work around this.
   Or it may have a bad header, in this case <option>-nobps</option>
   and/or <option>-mc 0</option> can help.

Modified: trunk/DOCS/xml/en/video.xml
--- trunk/DOCS/xml/en/video.xml	(original)
+++ trunk/DOCS/xml/en/video.xml	Thu Jun 21 12:11:24 2007
@@ -309,7 +309,7 @@ Alternatively, <application>MPlayer</app
 If you want to use Xv with a Kyro based card (for example Hercules
 Prophet 4000XT), you should download the drivers from the
-<ulink url="http://www.powervr.com/">PowerVR site</ulink>
+<ulink url="http://www.powervr.com/">PowerVR site</ulink>.

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